A Rite of Spring

Here we are in another March and the annual “lose another hour of sleep” moment. Last Sunday, most of the country did that daylights savings time thing. I never fully understood it when I was younger and now that I live in a place that doesn’t spring ahead or fall back, I confess that I still don’t understand the concept. Exactly how many hours of daylight do we really need? Whatever did our ancestors do without this concept?
I prefer my favorite rite of spring – the start of MLB’s spring training. It started earlier this year and will end in just under two weeks. We’ve had to contend with rain, wind, chilly temps, and a few other odds and ends. But we know that we’re seeing players hone their skills for what they hope will be a successful season.
So why this focus? Because spring is a chance to reset or reboot if things aren’t going as well as we’d like. Every team in baseball right now is going into the season with hopes of a championship. For that one team, the glory will come with the last out of the World Series and they begin that glorious celebration of champions. That success will come from hard work – lots of it – and a dedication to the teamwork needed to get to that point.
And for Jake, it’s a time to spend sleeping on the deck, moving when the sun gets too warm, watching the bunnies run under the deck, and spending some quality time with Mom. For me to have this time with Jake – why, that even beats baseball as the best rite of spring.

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