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Here are just a few of the many (always unsolicited and absolutely unpaid) testimonials from recent clients of Problem Consulting Consultants or from previous supervisors and professional contacts of Dr. Swisher. If you would like your comments, good or bad, memorialized on this page, please send an email (other consultants unhappy about the competition are excluded) to . Please note: Testimonials are not posted with the name or email address of the person sending such testimonials in order to protect their confidentiality.

The consulting industry prides itself on confidentiality (or at least Dr. Swisher does) and disclosing the names or email addresses would be a significant violation of confidentiality. So, you can feel free to send positive (or negative) comments via email () and the comments will be posted.  That’s Dr. Swisher’s promise.

“Thank you.  As a new law firm we accepted a court-appointed defense assignment on a Federal matter. In spite of our efforts the client was found guilty and instead of spending hundreds of hours doing legal research on the Federal Sentencing guidelines, we opted to hire your firm. Within a short period of time, we were properly armed with the data we needed to be effective counsel to our client. Thank you, again.”  (Law Firm) – 3/30/12 (New York)

Dear Dr. Swisher: Our firm had an issue on a publically posted message board where a poster said some untrue things about our firm. Our first reaction was Problem Solving Consultants. The result? We were pleased to hear that the poster will no longer be a problem to us and the cost was so much less than filing litigation and proving damages.” (Founder and General Manager) – 3/31/12 (Colorado)

“Please accept a special and heartfelt thank you for your assistance in the Resume and Cover Letter Webinar at the [Learning Library.]  I personally wish to say thank you for the motivational speech that you gave at the event.  We are truly grateful for your contribution to the library and we want to let you know that the program was a great success…. At the end of the day’s event,  [the participants] appreciated the contribution with which you blessed us.”  (Literacy Coordinator, Community Library) – 9/6/12, Pompano Beach, FL