You’ve reached the “Privacy” page of Problem Solving Consultants, [Operated by Virginia Swisher, PhD (Public Administration), MA (Public Administration), MA (Psychology) BA (Psychology)] with a 20-year career in the Federal Probation field and 4 years as a Personnel Officer in the U.S. Air Force. Dr. Swisher is recognized as one of the world’s premier resources in problem resolution and and critical/creative thinking counseling, as well as providing assistance to law firms with details on the federal sentencing guidelines. She is currently an adjunct professor of criminal justice with the University of Phoenix.

Privacy Notice

Effective April 10, 2012 (Last modified June 7. 2013)

Terms of Service

Use of this website is subject to the following limited conditions:

1) You must be at least 13 years old to use this website. Note: Dr. Swisher does work with the parents of children when it comes to counseling, problem solving, and critical/creative thinking counseling as well as assistance for law firms with details on federal sentencing guidelines.

2) You may not initiate or participate in any activity that might be illegal, harmful, or interfere with anyone’s use of our services, including the sending of e-mail or instant messaging spam using any e-mail controlled by Dr. Swisher.

3) You authorize Dr. Swisher to edit such comments to enhance grammar, readability, and avoid disparaging use of inappropriate (exclusively in the opinion of Dr. Swisher) language.

4) You are ultimately responsible for content of any document prepared by Dr. Swisher as well as for the end result of her consultation with your employees, your vendors, or your clients– you control the content and the desired outcome. However, you may, without the consent of Dr. Swisher, make any changes to any plan or methodology. Dr. Swisher does, however, reserve the right to void any promise of success if you make changes that would, in the exclusive opinion of Dr. Swisher, not be in your best interest.

5) Because Dr. Swisher performs a “creative” service, you agree to be responsible for the full cost of such services if any work has been accomplished.  You may cancel, without hassle, any order where Dr. Swisher has not commenced work.

6) You may “favorite” the website or any page of Dr. Swisher’s website or refer friends, family, or co-workers to her website without incurring a charge and Dr. Swisher shall have no responsibility to pay you a commission for any referral.

7) You agree that the laws of the State of Arizona shall apply to any legal disagreement between the parties and that the maximum of any damages will be limited to the full amount you paid for the services performed by Dr. Swisher.

Table of Contents

  • Commitment To Privacy
  • Information Collected
  • The Way Information is Used
  • Commitment to Data Security
  • Commitment to Children’s Privacy
  • How To Access Or Correct Your Information
  • How To Contact Dr. Swisher

Commitment To Privacy

Your privacy is important to Dr. Swisher and her associates. To protect your privacy, Dr. Swisher provides this notice explaining her information gathering practices and the choices you can make about the way your information is collected and used. To make this notice easy to find, we have inserted a link on the home page and at every point where personally identifiable information may be requested. The practices Dr. Swisher follows regarding information obtained from you are contained in this Privacy Notice.

Information Collected

This notice applies to all Information on the following URLs:

Dr. Swisher does not collect any personal information electronically. If you elect to purchase any of the services offered by Dr. Swisher, then when you order a service you will be required to provide either credit card or banking information over a secure line directly to PayPal (owned by eBay) and such information is not provided to Dr. Swisher. In order for you to provide any personal information for Dr. Swisher to use in preparing products you purchase, you must give Dr. Swisher such information over the telephone or by email. Unless you telephone Dr. Swisher, place an order, or ask Dr. Swisher a question using email, your visit to her web address is completely private. If you elect to place an order, the information you provide will include: ” Your name and the date you sent the information ” Your telephone number ” Your email address ” The item(s) you are purchasing and the cost of each item.” To place an order, you must visit the “Order” page, scroll to the service you wish to purchase, and then click on the “Buy Now” icon which causes the system to request how you wish to use PayPal to pay for the service. Because this information is sent over a secure line directly to PayPal, your information is not stored electronically in Dr. Swisher’s system. Dr. Swisher works with clients worldwide and all fees charged are quoted in US dollars.

The Way Information is Used

Once your purchase has been confirmed, you will receive a telephone call, SKYPE call or even an email from Dr. Swisher. During telephone/SKYPE calls, and any follow-up calls that might be necessary, or through email, Dr. Swisher will ask you extensive personal questions. These questions will cover your description of the problem you desired resolved, both the short- and long-term objective, your perception of the strengths and weaknesses of individuals involved in the dispute, any special skills, knowledge, and abilities, of any party, the duties and responsibilities each party has at his or her current position and, if known, at previous positions. Dr. Swisher may also ask other questions when she believes the information obtained from these questions would be essential in order to prepare a professional solution of the problem. If you determine that any question Dr. Swisher asks is inappropriate or if you would prefer to not answer the question, you have every right to tell Dr. Swisher and your position will be respected.

Commitment To Data Security

To prevent unauthorized access, maintain data security, and ensure the correct use of information, Dr. Swisher has put in place appropriate physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information she collects from you. For example, any hard copies of any work product will be kept in a locked filing cabinet. Your information and reports are prepared on computers using Microsoft Word or other word processing software and, in some cases, using Power Point software such documents and the final documents are stored only on external storage devices, which cannot be accessed electronically by any outside source. Her data security includes professionally installed firewall software. Even if the firewall should fail, it would be impossible for anyone to access your information since your information cannot be accessed from the storage device without the physical insertion of the device into our computer. Information obtained or required on the “Ordering” page, which requires either your credit card information or banking account information, is not stored electronically by Dr. Swisher (it is processed by PayPal directly) and the acknowledgment of payment sent to Dr. Swisher by PayPal does not contain such information. For more details on the PayPal Security Policy please visit their web site.

Commitment To Children’s Privacy

As the situation requires,  Dr. Swisher will occasionally prepare written products containing the names of children, employees, vendors, and perhaps some corporate secrets. Protecting the privacy rights of everyone named in any report, especially of the very young, is exceptionally important. For that reason, Dr. Swisher never collects or maintains information at her website, or during telephone conversations with parents or guardians or from those she actually knows are under the age of thirteen, and no part of her website is structured to attract anyone under the age of thirteen.

Internet Advertising

Dr. Swisher’s ability to provide free content does NOT depend on advertising and you should never expect to see an ad displayed during your visit.  If you do see an ad displayed, contact Dr. Swisher and she will personally see that the advertising is removed. You can expect to never have your name, address, telephone number, or email address, as well as any personal information,  disclosed by Dr. Swisher to anyone, period.

How To Access Or Correct Your Information

To insure the accuracy of your personally identifiable information, you will receive a draft copy of any product Dr. Swisher prepares for you. You can request changes or corrections by contacting Dr. Swisher, at 203.668.0262 or by sending a list of the corrections using email addressed to . There is never a fee charged for corrections nor is there any limitation to the number of times you may contact Dr. Swisher to make corrections. Such corrections will be confirmed to you by sending an email copy of the corrected document(s). To protect your privacy and security, Dr. Swisher will also take reasonable steps, such as asking you to confirm your name, address, and telephone number for example, to verify your identify before making corrections.

Information Regarding Refunds

There are no firms that consistently stay in business offering any type of “Money Back” guarantee on creative problem solving, or other consulting services because it takes a great deal of time and effort just to develop a solution acceptable to all parties and there are no controls over how a client may, or may not, use the information created. However, Dr. Swisher does offer to work with your during the implementation of the agreed upon solution. There are no limits to the number of drafts that she is willing to produce or number of changes she is willing to make at the direction of her clients with the exception of changes that affect other parties to the solution. On the other hand, Dr. Swisher, much like any professional, reserves the right to determine, unilaterally, that a client does not want to accept her professional advise and, accordingly, in such circumstances, Dr. Swisher may advise her client that requested changes will be made but that the end result may not be in the best interest of all participants.

How to Contact Dr. Swisher

In addition to telephoning Dr. Swisher at the number 203.668.0262 (there is voice mail associated with this number and Dr. Swisher is noted for her willingness to return telephone messages), you may also send an email to , and you may click on the “Contact” tab on any page of this website to get extensive details regarding how to reach Dr. Swisher.

Questions? Dial 203.668.0262(direct line) or e-mail .