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Dr. Swisher’s Mission Statement: There’s no problem that reasonable adults, working together, cannot resolve for the good of all parties.”


Dr. Swisher currently offers a special 1-hour consultation to anyone via telephone (203.668.0262), SKYPE, or if you are in the Phoenix, Scottsdale, Surprise, or Glendale area, in person. During this initial session you can discuss your problems and get Dr. Swisher’s input with 100% confidentiality assured. If you desire her problem resolution and critical/creative thinking consulting services, she will prepare a proposal for you and have it to you within 24 hours after the initial consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know if you are real?

Answer: Telephone Dr. Swisher any time 24/7/365. Her offices are in the Arizona/Phoenix time zone.  If you get voice mail, leave a message as Dr. Swisher is frequently very busy – but is well known for returning all calls.

2. Have you ever worked for someone with my problem?

Answer: Dr. Swisher has more than 20 years of experience across a wide range of personnel, management/supervision, problem resolution, and critical/creative thinking issues and probation issues that it is unlikely that she has not dealt with an issue similar to yours, period.

3. Are there any additional costs?

Answer: No, none whatsoever –Dr. Swisher will provide you with an exact price before any work commences – currently all e-commerce costs are paid by Dr. Swisher and there are no sales tax costs or shipping charges.

4. Why are Dr. Swisher’s costs so low?

Answer: Other problem resolution and critical/creative thinking consultants have been known to charge anywhere from $695 to $6,000 per hour for similar services – of course they often include things that are not essential. When you need help, what you really need is someone who is committed to the belief that “there’s no problem that reasonable adults, working together, cannot resolve for the good of all parties.”

5. Does Dr. Swisher work with clients outside of Arizona?

Answer: Some of her clients are internationally based or have offices across the US and Dr. Swisher travels to the problem site, if necessary, to address the problem “eyeball to eyeball.” If the client is based outside of Arizona, and the client does not want to pay for travel costs, she does all her discussion with the client and the parties over the telephone or using Skype and then uses confidential emails to discuss the resolution.

6. What do I get for my payment?

Answer: Every client receives a written contract that details the services to be provided and the desired result. At the completion of the assignment, Dr. Swisher provides a written summary of the result accomplished and a promise to follow up in 6 months to assure that the solution worked.

7.  What is the cost for the service?

Answer: Dr. Swisher bills on an hourly basis at the personal rate of $200 per hour or any part. She bids a specific price for any job and promises that no additional costs will occur without the client’s written approval.

8. May I purchase this service as a gift?

Answer: It is a fairly common practice for a parent, friend, or spouse to purchase problem resolution services from Dr. Swisher as a gift.  Once you and Dr. Swisher have discussed the matter and have determined the amount, you can then send payment and Dr. Swisher will initiate the process.

9. What forms of payments are accepted by Dr. Swisher?

Answer: Dr. Swisher uses PayPal (owned by E-bay) as her e-commerce processor and her firm gladly accepts all credit cards:  Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and JCP, as well as cash and debit cards, checks, (all non-credit card transactions result in a processing delay as determined by PayPal). At the present time all e-commerce costs (e.g., PayPal fees, etc. are fully paid by Dr. Swisher.)

10. What is Dr. Swisher’s policy on refunds?

Answer: If you change your mind before any work has commenced, then Dr. Swisher will, without delay, refund the full purchase amount, less any fees not refundable to Dr. Swisher by PayPal.  Once work has started then, as with most professional organizations, no refund is possible and her policy regarding a guarantee is: “So long as conversations remain civil, Dr. Swisher will do whatever she can, without any additional charge, to develop a solution that the client feels will be effective.”

11. What if I have additional questions?

Answer: Dr. Swisher, while frequently out of the office consulting or problem solving for clients or in the classroom teaching, you may telephone any hour of any day (24/7/365) and if you get a voice mail box, please leave your name and contact telephone number in confidence and Dr. Swisher will call you back as soon as practical. The office telephone number is 203.668.0262.