Frustration 101

I have been traveling lately and have used my iPad liberally on the flights.  I’ve even downloaded a few game apps to kill some time while in the air.  I recently found myself a tad bit frustrated when a screen message popped up telling me that it appeared I was having trouble and perhaps the purchase of several expensive power boosts would help.  Ya think?  What to do with the frustration?  How stupid would it be to throw the iPad down the aisle?  Would that really make it easier for me to complete the level and move on?

How do you deal with the frustration of thinking a problem has been solved only to see it rear its ugly head time and time again?  What about all those phone calls and conversations with Aunt Nell where she tells you every little thing you’re doing wrong and why can’t you just do things her way?

Something to consider – group dynamics.  Both formal and informal groups exist within your organization and both are communication channels.  Why not communicate your sense of frustration, not so much to vent but rather as a way of seeking input from your staff?  Let your staff know that you’re aware that some problems never seem to get solved.  Will a realistic and lasting solution be found?   Consider asking your staff members how they would tackle the issue.  Keep the boundaries clear, whatever boundaries you set, but then listen as an active listener.

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