Group Dynamics – Who cares?

Someone once told me that the definition of insanity was trying the same solution to a problem over and over again, all the while hoping for a different outcome.  Sound familiar?  Perhaps your continuing problems might be the result of not fully understanding group dynamics and the importance they can play in the smooth operation of your organization.  But why should you be concerned with something you’ve called psychological babble?  After all, aren’t you the boss?  The problems will go away just as soon as people realize you’re in charge and they have to do what you tell them.  You’ve told your staff this in some form or another how many times?  I’m curious – if that approach hasn’t worked (and it obviously hasn’t since the problems haven’t gone away) why are you so reluctant to try a different approach using a professional problem solver?

No matter what your personal opinion might be about the social sciences, research has demonstrated that the concept of group dynamics is valid. Knowledge of how groups work, especially small groups, is essential to being an effective leader and manager.  Group dynamics affect more than just the morale of the organization.  They can impact communication and productivity.  Something to consider over the next few days, don’t you think?

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