Never ceases to amaze me

I recently traveled and people continue to amaze me.

Here are the folks who follow the neck cushion trend.  Whoever invented that pillow must be living on Easy Street by now.  Every color of the rainbow can be seen on parade through the airport of your choice.  With the way the airlines are configuring the seats in coach (or economy) to be sure to pack in six folks in the space originally designed for four bodies, if all three folks in the same row use these cushions, it certainly makes for some interesting gymnastics to fit them comfortably.

We have folks who believe that if they like the smell of their food, every passenger within a radius of three rows must like it, too.  I have nothing against onions (well, maybe the chopping part) but at 7:30 in the morning on a fully packed flight, having one passenger consume the Italian special sub, loaded with spicy meats, peppers, and extra onions sure makes for a difficult few moments, especially when that person is in the seat next to me.  Wonder what the reaction would be if I asked them to dine outside?

Then there’s the child pulling on the back of the seat in front of him or her, or deciding that he/she is going to kick the seat in front for the remainder of the flight.  Mom (or Dad) is completely oblivious to whatever Junior is doing and now, here come the screams.  How do those kids get that decibel level out of their throats?

But my favorite is the passenger currently in front of me who has decided to recline his seat back ALL THE WAY. Forget about using my tray table.  What I wouldn’t give to be a kid, kicking the seat in front of me……


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