Ostrich or Effective Leader?

How have your conversations with Aunt Nell been going?  Are you giving her honest answers?  Or are you simply trying to buy yourself some time?  We both know the last approach will only work in the short term.  So what are you going to do to solve these nagging and seemingly endless problems?

One thing to recognize is that you will probably make some mistakes but make them because you’re trying, not because you refuse to take affirmative steps to solve the problems.  A positive affirmative step you can take even as you read this is to acknowledge that group dynamics play an important role in the effectiveness of any organization, including yours.  A deeper understanding of how groups function may give you some insight into how a professional problem solver will work to identify the problem and then work with all the parties to develop and implement long term effective solutions.  The groups will exist whether you like it or not.  Why not learn how to use those groups and their communication channels to your advantage and in the best interests of the people in your organization?  It has to be better than burying your head in the sand as you try to avoid yet another conversation with Aunt Nell.

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