Playground or Office?

As a supervisor, leader, or manager, are there times when you feel like you’re more of a playground monitor than a supervisor?  Do you get the feeling that you’re spending 90% of your time on 5% of your staff?  Is most of your time is spent refereeing employee disputes, almost to the point where you’re working overtime just to get your own work done?  And the worst of it is that this isn’t the first time this has happened. Despite your best efforts, it keeps happening time and time again – same stuff, different faces.

We’ve talked before about this issue and the drastic solution of termination.  But what if the termination doesn’t have the effect you thought it would?  What will it take to solve this problem once and for all so you can go about doing your job?

When the situation gets to this point, it’s time to call in a professional problem solver.  He or she brings a fresh perspective to the situation and has no other agenda than working with all the parties to find a realistic and lasting solution.  The problem solver can facilitate effective communication that aids the correct identification of the problem, the root causes and viable solutions.  You’ve tried everything you and the rest of the management team can think of.  Why not try something different?  What do you have to lose other than that chronic case of heartburn, bad morale, and Aunt Nellie’s nagging?

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