Problem Solving 101

As I listen to many of those taking center stage I wonder how many of these individuals know the first thing about problem solving.  It seems like we have heard this story time and time again. How about if we do “Problem Solving 101” and let’s see if anyone is really paying any attention.

To everyone in a management or leadership position: The key to problem solving is having the courage to admit that there is a problem.  This can be especially hard if the problem is with one of your ideas or your brainchild.  But if all you are going to do is address the symptoms you are going to have to accept the full responsibility for the consequences of not doing your job.

The next important key is to close your mouth and listen.  You hired the best and the brightest for your organization.  Trust them to do their jobs properly and ethically.  When they tell you there is a problem, do not dismiss them as being incompetent or assume that they are worrying unnecessarily.   How foolish is it going to look for your bottom line to continue repeating the same old mistake and wondering why your organization never seems to show improvement.  Why are others in your field passing you by as if you are standing still?  Could it be that your problems are, in fact, keeping you from making substantial progress?  What do you have to lose by giving us a call and letting us come in as objective observers and facilitators to help your organization address the issues and begin moving forward?  What do you, as the leader of your organization, have to lose by having the problems correctly identified and addressed?  We are here to help.  Give us a call.

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