Random Thoughts on Baseball

Just over two weeks ago the spring training season for the Cactus League ended and it was on to MLB taking center stage. Fortunately – well, at least for now, the Orioles are tied for first place and not ten games behind the division leaders. There is hope!
As I watched some of the spring training games I realized that baseball can be a good example for folks wanting to know how to face adversity. Or life. Think about it. Three strikes and you’re out counts only for that at bat. Unless it’s the ninth inning and the home team is winning, the visiting team will get another at bat, with a chance to win the game. Like golf, baseball teaches us to make the most of the mulligans, or in baseball terms, the foul balls. Each gives us another opportunity to hit the game winning home run, get on base in order to score the game winning run, or get put out running as fast as we can to first base. Baseball also teaches us that those folks who half step it and don’t make their best effort are eventually going to meet up with karma. How many times have we seen a major league player dog it down to first base only to realize too late that he could have beaten the throw and become the tying or winning run for his team? How many of us have seen such behaviors among some folks within our organizations? Too bad we don’t have a trade clause in those personnel contracts.
Our leadership within our organizations can take some lessons from baseball – it’s about character and effort and not necessarily the flash and the bling. Sometimes we don’t win the game in the ninth inning, making for a miracle comeback, but for the next game, we start with a clean slate and have yet another opportunity to excel. And fans throughout the country know that this year will be the miracle year for their favorite team. After all, if the Cubs can do it, so can my beloved Orioles!

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