RIP Common Sense

The debacle taking place in Washington DC, considered by some to be business as usual, should give us all pause as we mourn the apparent passing of common sense (and perhaps decency) in some quarters.   Washington insists on doing what it wants when it wants – and the heck with common sense.  How long do you think you’ll stay employed if you reject common sense and decide that treating employees badly is perfectly acceptable?  When employees disagree with a new policy or procedure – is your reaction to marginalize them?  By doing so how much support do you think the new policy or process will really have?  Your staff will observe how well you handle disagreement and questions about decisions you are considering or implementing.  Taking actions which are unrealistic and responding to critics  with demeaning or disparaging comments does nothing to advocate effective communication.  Maybe the people actually doing the work just might have a better idea.   Perhaps this is the opportunity to resurrect common sense and enjoy the benefits which comes from taking such a stance.    Aunt Nell can’t be too upset if more effective and efficient work processes are implemented because common sense rules.

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