A while back I started a conversation with you all about group dynamics.  As I’ve said before knowledge of group dynamics is a good thing.  It helps increase your effectiveness as a leader and improves communication.  Some knowledge of group dynamics will facilitate your work with a problem solver as you all work together to correctly identify not only the problem but the source of that problem (no, it’s not Aunt Nell but she comes close!)  Having a good understanding of group dynamics will enable you to develop realistic strategies for addressing the issues and the problems.  More importantly your knowledge of group dynamics will help you create a work environment that does not foster persistent personnel problems.  Rather, the work environment will be one where your employees will know and appreciate the work performance standards required to maintain and even improve the bottom line.  It will reinforce your role as a leader who values each individual.  Remember my previous comment about having employees challenged to do their best?  That sort of work environment allows employees to have the chance to develop and use their critical thinking and creative thinking skills.  Your organization will have to tackle projects that are both difficult and time sensitive.  Neither of these characteristics will be an obstacle to completion IF you put individuals together in effective teams.  You will be able to accomplish that because of your knowledge of group dynamics.

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