Taking Stock

The last few weeks caused a brief hiatus from my blogs and observations.  After ten years of procrastination I underwent a total knee replacement.  The time of strictly enforced limited activity gave me a chance to assess a number of things – to take stock.

The hardest life lesson I’ve learned is that I don’t always have to rely solely upon me.  Yes, I’m independent and self sufficient.  I’ve learned that relying upon others doesn’t diminish either my independence or self sufficiency.  I think having others help has given me a deeper appreciation for the joy of giving and helping others.

The best lesson – I am surrounded by family and friends who believe in and follow a positive philosophy in their lives.  Having such a positive environment envelope me after surgery has been invigorating and enriching.  Even in the most difficult moments following my release from the hospital to come home that positive spirit allowed me to acknowledge the low moments and deal with them.  There were tears and doubts, admittedly.  But the positive spirit won and progress, though painful, continues.  There will be some life changes but those will be easy to accept in light of the positive support and encouragement I receive daily.

My responsibility now is to continue to carry this assessment forward in my work and life.  I am eager to return to helping decision makers learn innovative ways to make and implement decisions which benefit their staffs and their organizations.  Such a positive approach is not looking at the world through rose colored glasses.  Rather, it is an acknowledgement that challenges exist but a positive philosophy will insure a realistic and viable approach to finding lasting solutions to problems.

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