The Value of Military Experience

I may be dating myself but I was taught from a young age that service to one’s country is a high calling. I was fortunate to be able to answer that calling and I received both an excellent education and training as a military officer. The oath that I took was a sacred bond – a contract, if you will – between my country and me. There’s something about taking such an oath, and the awesome responsibilities that come with it. I can see the same qualities in many of the young people serving as officers and enlisted within our military today as I saw in the officers and enlisted who came after me years ago. There is a dedication and sense of purpose in taking such an oath and it carries over into whatever they do. What is even more remarkable is that our service members are all volunteers. Their dedication and professionalism are qualities highly valued both in the military and in today’s workplace. Whenever I can, I encourage employers to look to the veterans and retirees of our military if they want staff members who are excellent problem solvers and able to get the task done right the first time.
Why am I writing on this topic today? Because tomorrow, 11 November 2017 is Veterans Day, a day when veterans are honored for their service. It is a day when I hope that people will pause for a moment and remember those who made that contract with our country and have served this nation with distinction and with honor. Our veterans deserve the very best our nation can give them in recognition of their service and their sacrifice. No one completes their military service without some sacrifice. Please take a moment tomorrow, and be thankful that our veterans were so willing to step up and do what our nation needed to have done.

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