You think you’ve got problems?!?

If you think you’ve got it bad, take a moment to thank your lucky stars you’re not in the shoes of THE CEO of the country.  How bad is it when even he can’t get a government bureaucrat to resign?  For whatever reason the public good now takes a backseat to personal goals.  Fortunately for you, despite all your problems you can still terminate those employees who refuse to perform to the organization’s standards and to the best of their ability.

Would you ever engage in behaviors that might cause people to question your integrity?  Would you allow any employee to engage in conduct which might lead to others questioning the integrity of your organization – or yours?  Not very likely.  One thing that remains the hallmark of your professionalism and that of your organization is your zero tolerance for anyone calling into question your reputation for integrity.  You won’t even allow the perception to develop that your integrity is in question.  So why doesn’t that same standard exist in some sectors of public service at the highest levels of management?  Those very same best business practices could certainly be used right about now in some public sector arenas as conceded by folks at the heart of the issues.  Sure, you have problems and they’re frustrating as heck.  Just be thankful integrity is not one of them.  Try to keep it that way.  You’ve got more than enough to deal with right now.  (Perhaps we should have Aunt Nell make a few telephone calls and focus her attention on their business practices….. Nah.)

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