A Progress Report

Looking back on the topics already discussed we’ve covered a lot of ground.  How can we possibly have anything more to talk about?  After reading the blogs and thinking about them, have all your problems disappeared?  Or is Aunt Nellie still on your case, along with the stockholders (if you have any) and your employees?  What about your family?  How much quality time has been spent with the family and why is that even important?

Maintaining a balance and focus is important if quality work is to be accomplished.  How well do you listen to a recitation of the same old problem when you’ve been working nose to the grindstone for weeks and months on end with no break?  Even your weekends have been consumed by work.  Can you really say that your perspective is as sharp as it was months ago when you took a few days off to recharge your batteries?  How sharp are your problem identification skills when you’re tired, stressed, and reaching critical mass?  Go take the vacation.  We’ll chat later.

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