Answer the Challenge!

I recently began another career development program with Jay Block.  Jay’s knowledge and expertise are world renowned and if you’re interested in learning more about him I encourage you to read some of his works.  Better still, reach out and communicate with him.  Jay doesn’t need me to advance his career – his hard work speaks for itself.  My mentioning the study with him was to showcase the importance I place on continuing my professional and personal development.

How many of you in leadership positions within your organizations have continued your professional and personal development?  Or do you use your work as an excuse for not having the time?  If you’re going to effectively implement the new program of emotional correctness within your organization, how can you truly empathize with those staff members who seek out professional development in an ever changing work environment?  Relying upon your own experience from ten or fifteen years ago will only showcase how out of touch you may be.  How will you support and encourage your staff’s development if you don’t take care of your own?  Experience has taught me that we’re never too old to learn.  And despite our comments to the contrary we’re not so busy that we can’t pay attention to our personal and professional development.  We can expand our knowledge base and even our comfort zones by seeking new information and new perspectives on how we do our work.

So – the challenge has been issued.  Are you up to meeting it?

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