Technology is my friend!

For the past three days I have participated in a faculty meeting via the Internet which enabled us to connect with faculty from all over with the University of Phoenix.  It brought out a whole lot of good conversation and ideas on how to resolve common issues.  What was so exciting about the meeting was that we could jump in and out as our schedules allowed and stay up with the conversations and dialog.

Here’s another challenge – how well are you using technology to advance your leadership and effective management of your organization?  We all know that smartphones and tablets are all the rage and Lord help us all if those devices are lost, quit working, or just go haywire.  But can we all say that we’re effectively using the technology to promote an effective and dynamic communication channel for our employees?  Have you thought of using such a forum to begin the process of problem solving?  What would you think of using an Internet forum to let your employees voice their concerns over the implementation of a new program?  The postings won’t be anonymous – everyone has to join the group and names are tied to each posting.  Think of it like this – can technology be helpful in promoting the all important first step of effective brainstorming in a time and manner that allows your employees to engage in the process more fully?  How much more willing will they be to engage in this forum rather than a formal staff meeting with management reps that really don’t want to listen and line staff that really don’t want to talk.  Is there something about posting on a group forum that seems to free us from these constraints?  Is it worth the try?  After all, technology really is our friend.  Let me know how it goes!

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