10 December 2019

Today was another flight back east and once again,the nonstop flight was pretty much uneventful until I got off the plane and stepped outside into a blast of cold – well below my mandatory requirement of at least 60 degrees. (It’s my dream, I know. But please humor me.) Oh, and the ever present moisture – rain this time, thankfully. I hate that frozen white stuff that falls from the sky. I spent the majority of my life dealing with that stuff so I figure I’ve earned a break from the cold, snow, and ice.
It’s a couple of weeks early but my life is full of blessings. My son, daughter-in-law, and my granddaughter rank first on that list. This Christmas should be joyful because my granddaughter is old enough now to realize that this time of year is very special. Lots of good memories to be had, I think.
My family is a blessing all year round. This year, we supported one sister as she bested cancer so far. Her diagnosis was a wake up call for all of us to keep up with routine exams and tests. The best part is that I realized the importance of letting each of my family members and my friends know how much I love and appreciate them.
The Jake Meister. What more can I say about this extraordinary pup. He’s now retired from therapy work but does occasionally like to go visit some master’s degree students to help them see how a therapy dog can help in a counseling setting. His good days are treasured by me. But I’m also aware of his not so good days which are increasing. I think those days make me appreciate this pup all the more and the wonderful vet who is helping Jake fulfill his life as comfortably as possible.
Why this train of thought? I realized many years ago that focusing on the blessings helps me balance stuff when not so good things happen. Having that balance also helps me maintain a good perspective.
If I were to share any wish as the Christmas holiday approaches, I would wish each and every one of you is blessed with balance in your lives, an appreciation for the wonder and excitement we see in a child’s eyes, and the true blessing of this holiday season.
Merry Christmas.

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