Disneyland or Disney World?

I recently made my first visit to Disneyland and admit that I made some comparisons with previous trips to Disney World.  I was asked by a cast member at Disneyland if there was a difference and after answering “yes,” I found myself qualifying my response.

Obviously there’s a difference in the physical layout.  Disneyland appears as an oasis of gentility and customer service but escaping the surrounding urban environment is hard to do.  Disney World is a community unto itself.  Escaping the everyday world is easy once you pass onto the grounds and easier still if you stay at one of the resort hotels.  My favorite?  The Wilderness Lodge.

But there the differences end.  The similarities are easy to find. All the staff and cast members are dedicated to the philosophy of making each visitor’s stay memorable.  Whether they agree with management or not, it’s hard to find a Disney employee who imposes their issues on visitors.  What’s the end result?  The Disney product, whether in Anaheim or Orlando, reflects a successful customer oriented approach that works.

Can you adopt a similar philosophy that works for your organization?  You may not be Disney but your work ethic and customer service are just as important.  Are you, as the leader of your organization, willing to work with your staff to identify and support a philosophy that enhances the success of your organization?  After all, what do you have to lose by following such a path.  You might even regain Aunt Nell’s support by such a customer and employee oriented approach.

Disneyland or Disney World – two entities within the same organization offering two unique experiences while showcasing a unified customer service oriented philosophy.

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