“What difference … does it make?”

First, this article has nothing to do with politics.  If you want to attack or defend the individual who spoke these words some months ago please go find another page or write your own blog.  My focus is on the importance of always considering the consequences of what we say.

It is my assessment that in the heat of the moment the individual who spoke these words did not fully appreciate or understand the potential consequences of her words.  Even today her words carry some weight.  At all times, no matter the venue, setting, or circumstances she has a responsibility for being cognizant not only of the words spoken but the potential impact upon others – in other words the full message.   She’s not the only one in such a position and should not be singled out for criticism, invective, or other agenda.

Each of us in a leadership or management position, no matter how high, carries the same responsibility.  While it might sound good in private or among friends – and maybe in the heat of the moment – our words are never spoken in a vacuum.  Our comments are subject to interpretation by friend and critic alike.  How more effective can we be as leaders when we take that extra moment to think about the consequences before uttering statements we might spend months and years regretting and/or explaining.

“What difference … does it make?”  This comment illustrates the importance of taking that one brief pause before uttering words that muddy the waters, distract from the issue, or unintentionally cause someone pain or anguish.  Lesson to be learned and implemented – think before we speak.

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