No politics here!

From what I heard, watched, and read, there appears to be a perception that a double standard is being used regarding some individuals.  Whether it is or not is a moot point.  What is crucial is the perception has apparently arisen and quite frankly, nothing is being done to address it.  Here’s the problem for leaders within the community and business.  If any sector – public or private – condones the development of a double standard by either actually creating it or remaining silent when a perception develops, we have problems.  As leaders, we are held to a much higher standard and we must fulfill our responsibilities to be role models for ethical and quality leadership.  When we hear or see a double standard situation we have an obligation to step in and say and do something to address it.  If a business leader is allowed to engage in questionable conduct but a lower level manager or member of the staff is held accountable, how do we as leaders within our organization reconcile such treatment of individuals?  Can we continue to portray ourselves as ethical leaders within our organization when we turn a blind eye and deaf ear to instances of different treatment for different people?  Obviously, we cannot control what people think and what they will say to others.  We can control the ethical environment within our organizations and make sure that people, no matter their title or position, are held to the same standards.  By consistent and ethical conduct we can help set the standard for others to follow.  Not only will this approach help make sure that a double standard does not arise,  it may also help prevent such a perception.

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