Some thoughts

I was fortunate to spend time at Walt Disney World recently and I was struck by the change in people as they stood in line for rides, food, etc.  The Disney corporation has certainly created a happy place for millions of visitors.   Another thought also struck me.  Disney could not successfully create such a place if it were a truly horrible corporation in which to work as some media stories over the years have tried to portray.

If you’re going to be an effective leader you need to understand that happy employees make far more significant and positive contributions to the success of your organization.  Those contributions tend to improve the bottom line as well.  Making sure your employees are “happy” doesn’t mean bending over backwards and kowtowing to every demand.  It does mean that you lead effectively.  That means you educate yourself on the importance of group dynamics, especially in your organization, and use those dynamics in a positive way to achieve your organizational goals.  It means being fair and consistent in your dealings with people.  Customer service is important especially when extended to employees.  Set goals that both challenge and fulfill your staff.  Work should never be toxic but hard work never hurt anyone.  Have the courage and persistence to look at the way work gets done and see if new ways might be more effective and profitable.  Don’t settle for mediocre either in yourself or your staff.  Knowledge and proper use of group dynamics can lead to a workplace where everyone dares to be extraordinary.  How bad can that be?

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