Some More Thoughts

I’m pretty sure that if I mention group dynamics one more time you’re going to end the blog visit and walk away.  So let’s take a brief break.

During some recent travel I met an individual who caused me to walk away, shaking my head.  He is very successful in business and if you ever have a doubt he’ll make sure to tell you just how successful he is.  In the course of our “conversation” I was struck by the stark differences between us.  This man made sure I knew just how stupid everyone is ((I’m presuming that included me) and he’s the only one with the answers.  I realized that this man truly thinks people are stupid and not worth his time.  I saw the way he treated the young man at the coffee stand and I cringed.  It finally dawned on me that this man has a sense of entitlement due to his own ego.  Are people stupid?  No, not really.  Do we all have the ability to behave stupidly at times?  You betcha!  And that’s the difference.  Where the so-called successful man dismisses people because he believes them to be stupid I work hard to focus on the issue or the behavior, not the individual.  This businessman, through his attitude that he graces us with his presence, sends the message loudly and clearly that people are of no value to him other than what he can get out of them.  By focusing on behaviors I work hard to let people know, including my readers, that individuals do have value.  When there’s a problem we address the behavior without demeaning the individual.  Which approach do you think will enhance performance, job satisfaction and the bottom line?  Which type of person are you?

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