Things Don’t Seem Quite So Bad

When preparing this week’s blog, I was distracted by the news of the pending hurricane, Sandy, and its growth into a super storm.  I’ve experienced killer hurricanes and blizzards and know the havoc and devastation such a storm can cause.  My distraction was compounded by the fact that I have family and friends who were about to affected by this storm.  Fortunately, everyone is safe.  But in watching the news coverage of the devastation left behind, it struck me that while our problems in our professional lives can seem so important and perhaps insurmountable, we know where we’re going to sleep tonight, we know we can purchase food and gas, and our lives have not been turned upside down.  Our business problems don’t seem quite so bad when compared to what is happening to millions of people living across the mid-Atlantic and eastern seaboard.

So I ask you all who happen to come across this blog or who read it regularly, please take a moment to pray for those who have lost everything – family, friends, homes,  possessions, and for more than 100 of our fellow citizens, their lives.  Please  consider making a donation to any of those charities helping our fellow citizens try to find a sense of normalcy in the midst of unspeakable devastation and loss.   It’s times like these when we truly show how good, caring and compassionate we are.  Our fellow citizens need us.

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