What? No Common Sense?

What’s the point of engaging in problem solving if common sense is absent?  Look at a recent article about the Grand Island , Nebraska Public School system “demanding” that a deaf 3-year old change his sign language sign for his name, “Hunter.”  As reported on television, the school administration reportedly found that the crossed forefinger and index finger moved up and down violates their rule that forbids anything that looks like a weapon.   First bite of common sense – Does anyone in this audience really think that this young boy is thinking about a gun when he signs his name?   According to the school system’s spokesperson, the school is “… working with the parents to come to the best solution we can for the child.”

I have a question.  What efforts were made by both the parents and administrators to resolve this problem before making it public?   School administrators and parents alike need to be aware of the lessons they may be giving this young boy and others.  Be careful that you’re not telling him that something is wrong with him and his name.  School administrators and parents – are you even talking to one another or have you drawn lines in the sand?  Administrators need to  be accurate in their communications.  Parents and others  need to make sure they’re not taking something out of context and developing the wrong perception.  Communication is important because without it you all will create a problem that didn’t need to happen and cause a young boy angst that he doesn’t deserve and probably will never understand.  What you intended to do and what you do can’t be at opposite ends of the spectrum.  You’ll expend a lot of good will credits trying to fix this.  Lesson for all of us to take away from this?  There are more than enough problems needing to be solved.  We don’t need to create any more.

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